Hi everyone,

I joined this forum to ask if anyone ever attempted to give ASEA to a loved one suffering from dementia?

My mom is 64 years old and suffers from severe dementia. To say that her cognition is severely impaired would be an understatement. I began giving her ASEA last fall, and continued to giver her 2 ounces a day, once in the morning, once at night, for three months. During the last month, she showed some huge improvements. Before, I could put together an entire 100 piece puzzle for her and leave out one piece, but she would still have difficulty finding how that last piece fit in. After, she was able to piece together about 80% of the puzzle herself, and quickly!

The reason why I discontinued giving her ASEA is because during the last month, when she showed the marked improvement, I had added a significant amount of medium chain triglycerides to her diet in the form of coconut oil. I began doing this after I became acquainted with the work of Dr. Mary Newport, who has reversed the progression of her husband's Alzheimer's disease with coconut oil supplementation (for more info, watch this video: Coconut Oil Cure Alzheimer And More | Huile de Coco Un Remède Contre l'Alzheimer Et Plus - YouTube). So, I attributed her improvement to the coconut oil, not the ASEA. Because of the obvious difference in price, I gave up the ASEA and have continued to give her coconut oil everyday.

Unfortunately, it seems that she has degraded once again. She has a lot of difficulty with the same puzzle she could do while on ASEA and coconut oil. I don't know if it is simply the progression of her dementia or if the ASEA was actually the catalyst of her improvement. It has been several months since she's taken ASEA, but today I ordered a new case to start my experiment over again. If she improves once more, I will be sure to document it on this thread if anyone shows interest.

I'd be very interested in hearing your thoughts on this subject.