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Thread: Can I dl the video's?

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    Can I dl the video's?

    Hi Aaron,

    Is it possible or allowed or whatever to download the video's on our site so that we can copy them to DVD's and hand them out to prospective buyers of this product? I have people who are reading or watching the info, but are confused about what the product does. I would like to download one or more video's that spend time on the values of the product rather than the business opportunity involved. That way I can touch on the highlights and the video can explain the rest. Many people, when told to log on to a web site and watch a video, get glassed over eyes and just nod their heads, but it's just not getting through .

    Let me know,

    Love & Gratitude,

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    Hi Carl,

    On this page are three links too different vids: AmazingMolecules

    You can choose the one most appropriate for your friend. It will give a good explanation.

    Do you think my book will help? I can give you a copy and you can customize the inside to have your phone number, email, etc...
    Aaron Murakami
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