ASEA is available in Ireland!

Major Announcement about the Europe Market

We are currently in Rome, Italy, at the ASEA Italia Grand Opening event, celebrating the official launch of ASEA in Italy. It is truly thrilling to be here at this historic event--the opening of our first market outside of North America. We wish you were all here to experience the palpable energy at this gathering of ASEA Associates, united in their passion for the ASEA product and opportunity. It is this passion for ASEA, so powerfully evident at this event, which continues to fuel our determination to take ASEA to the world.

A monumental announcement was made today at the ASEA Italy Grand Opening event. Jarom Webb, ASEA COO, announced the opening of the Netherlands market and the launch of the Netherlands Distant Selling Program. Under this new program, ASEA product can be legally purchased and received through the Netherlands in six additional European markets: Germany, Spain, France, UK, Ireland, and Slovenia. ASEA product will be shipped out of our distribution center in the Netherlands, and commissions will now be paid in these markets under the global compensation plan.

We'll be sharing more specific details with you about this announcement over the next several days. This new program is an important part of our greater strategy for sustainable, long-term growth in the European market. We are extremely excited for the opportunities that these new markets will bring to ASEA, and we offer a heartfelt thanks to each one of you for your commitment to sharing ASEA.

1. I would highly recommend visiting and if you're in Italy, select Italy. But if you're in GERMANY, SPAIN, FRANCE, UK, IRELAND AND SLOVENIA, then click The Netherlands to enter the Netherlands Distant Selling Program!

You can finally purchase ASEA directly from The Netherlands distribution center.

2. The Enrollment Kit will already be selected - you just have to then select how much ASEA you want - 1, 2, 4 or 8 cases. You get a big discount on 4 and 8 cases. Then, you can select your AUTOSHIP setup if you want to automatically receive a case of ASEA monthly. It is possible to sign up by only getting the starter kit so that you can get a good position in my organization. Of course it makes sense to actually use the product if you're promoting it but if you're unable to get the product at this time, at least get your ASEA Distributorship ASAP!

3. On the next page, you can select the ASEA back office system. I would recommend the 12 months for the price of one option - it is an incredible back office system that is very helpful in building your ASEA business. You then select the username and password and go to the next page.

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Aaron Murakami