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Thread: ASEA Science Saturday Conference Call

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    ASEA Science Saturday Conference Call

    ASEA Science Saturday Conference Calls are about to get even better! Starting this Saturday, October 1, Science Saturday calls will have a new format, where Dr. Gary Samuelson, Dr. Rob Ward, and Dr. David Carpenter will discuss the science of Redox Signaling in an engaging, interview-style format. The calls are organized into a 13-week course that anyone, Associate or prospect alike, can join at any time to learn about Redox Signaling molecules and their crucial role in supporting good health. It’s like attending a college course where your questions about the science of Redox Signaling are answered by world-class experts, except that you can listen in from home and the tuition is free!
    In this week’s call, titled “The Emerging Science of Healing,” Dr. Samuelson will give a general overview of the essential nature of Redox Signaling to cellular healing. Dr. Samuelson will discuss the following topics:

    • What Redox Signaling is and how it is an emerging field of science
    • How Redox Signaling molecules are made in the body
    • The “elegant” process by which Redox Signaling molecules help cells heal themselves
    • How a diminishing supply of Redox Signaling molecules could accelerate aging

    ASEA Science Saturday Conference Call
    Saturday at 9:00 AM MDT
    Dial in: 641.715.3842
    Access code: 4727726

    Have you missed any of Dr. Samuelson's Science Saturday calls? You can listen to them on our blogspot! All of the Science Saturday calls are recorded and the new recordings are added to the blogspot by 5:00 p.m. MDT each Monday.

    Redox Review
    Aaron Murakami
    ASEA Advancing Life

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    Can this be done in Internet style with TC/IP?
    Without Dial in:?

    Can be very useful for all the audience outside USA.
    Borut Novak
    ASEA Advancing Life

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