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    Ignore deleted conspiracy

    Ignore deleted conspiracy
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    Great experience..I want to try this ..after reading your experiences i feel that it is very effective.

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    Thanks I also want to try this

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    The wart on the end of my nose didn't completely disappear after that story. About 25% remained.
    But then last weekend it finally did completely go, with more peeling/bleeding.

    I must say I've been using about 7 bottles per month. I spray my face all the time. I've been filling my sinues with the spray bottle. Its amazing how many sprays they sinuses can hold. I think like 30-50. I can't advise filling your sinuses to anyone. On some days it can be rather painful. Think getting water up your nose, and the associated ear-ache. And you could choke from this. But I like to experiment, and have a high tolerance for pain and discomfort... in part due to some health conditions I've endured.

    One wart on the outside of my knee has diminished 80%. On my face the other warts have lessened in visibility by about 50%. One below my left eye went through a bleeding phase recently. This is not something I've experienced without ASEA. Its as though micro capilaries are growing & reclaiming territory in the region. I must say these skin imperfections are all less than 5 milimeters in diameter.

    The horizontal lines on my forehead definitely seem to be fading. It may be related to its sleep/rest effect.

    ASEA, in a dose dependend manner, gives me more productive hours in the day, and more hours awake.
    At 8 bottles a month I get by easily with 8 hours of sleep instead of 10.
    At 12 bottles a month I seemed to get by, easily, with 6.5-7 hours of sleep. The type of work I do is computer programming. It requires a rested mind. Its not just my body and eyes which are more fresh, at the end of a work day. My mind is still ready to go.
    Getting up out of bed is much easier.

    The most useful thing about this product is that definitely helps with my chronic [what seems to be] MRSA infection. When I'm off it for a few days, infections come back full force.... Then it takes weeks of ASEA to completely get rid of it. But ASEA quickly resolves boils down to 20% their size, if I take a full bottle over a 2 day period.

    My situtation may be due to mercury poisoning and lyme. I suspect MRSA/lyme got into my gums/jaw/dentin and causing significant peridontal challenges. Something may have damaged [or be interfering against] my mitrochondria.
    I've generally taken an average of $500+ of health products, every month, for over 2 decades, and I eat organically.

    Before ASEA I felt age knawing at me, dying more every day. I had to strategically ration my energy and watch my hours. Now I feel much younger and more flexible.

    I heard about people who took lots of vitamins before ASEA, then found they didn't need them.
    I thought to myself, that's rediculous, thats lying, thats exageration.
    But you know what, ASEA is amazing. I know what they are talking about now.

    If I miss some days of taking certain vitamins, I don't suffer like I used to. I continue to take a full range of supplements. ASEA is the key factor in my health. When I go off it for 3 days, I feel 10 years older... and it continues down hill from there LOL.

    ASEA is like sleep in a bottle. I've always looked for a product that would give me more hours in a day. I never found one until now. Melatonin was the closest, but if I took too much [3-6mg] over too many days [or missed some sleep] I would always get a horrendous non-ending headache. So I've shyed away from it in recent years. The headache could not diminsh, until sleeping for several hours... yet the melatonin-headace is so powerful it prevents sleep. I've taken 6-12 different brands [over 22 years] with same effect.

    I have to test it a bit more, but I recently seemed to notice that I can take very large doses of melatonin, on subsequent days without ill effect, when I take sufficient ASEA. Thats rather exciting, as melatonin is a powerful [and inexpensive] health product. For example I took 12mg on each of Friday and Saturday, last week. No problem. I will try to test the boundaries of this, to find the maximum number of mg I can take in a week.

    As they say, "Your mileage may vary". For me its absolutely a blessing, if not a miracle product.
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