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Thread: ASEA - Advancing Life Video Presentation

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    ASEA - Advancing Life Video Presentation

    For a powerful presentation on ASEA's product and opportunity, watch this: ASEA Advancing Life

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    This presentation is very good :

    In order to earn commissions (Retail, Preferred Customer, Fast Start, Team Commissions & Director’s Bonus) you must be active by generating a minimum of 100 PV (personal volume) monthly. This can be done through personal purchases or through retail and preferred customer sales. To earn additional commissions (Check Match & Leadership Pool), you must generate a minimum of 200 PV monthly, which can also be achieved through personal purchases or through retail and preferred customer sales. All commissions are paid weekly.


    As an Associate, you can purchase ASEA products at the wholesale price and then sell them at the retail price, or send someone to your replicated website where they can purchase ASEA products at the retail price and we will pay you $30, the difference between the retail ($150) and wholesale price ($120). The volume generated from retail sales (100 PV per case) will count towards personal volume requirements and will be added to your lesser volume leg, where you can earn Team Commissions on this volume.


    As a reward to Associates for recruiting preferred customers, you can receive a bonus of $25 every time one of your preferred customers purchases a case of product at the wholesale price ($120) through ASEA’s Preferred Customer Autoship Program. If they purchase two cases of product, you will then receive $50, and so on. To receive this bonus you must be active (generating 100 PV in a month). Not only will you receive the $25 commission for every case sold, but you will also receive 50 PV. This volume will count towards personal volume requirements and will be added to your lesser volume leg, where you can earn Team Commissions on this volume.


    When someone you personally sponsor purchases an ASEA Product Pack during the enrollment process, you and five uplines (all must be active with 100 PV) will receive a one-time Fast Start Bonus. (Figure1)



    Team Commissions involve the organization of other Associates that have been placed under you. This organization, also known as the binary, is comprised of two legs, your left leg and your right leg (the leg that you are paid on has the lesser amount of volume). See Figure 2.


    Those under you do not necessarily have to be those you personally sponsored. You, your sponsor, or anyone else above you in the binary may place Associates in your organization in either one of your legs (known as spillover). Your Group Volume (GV) is the sum total of the PV of all Associates in all or a portion of your organization.

    To earn Team Commissions you must be active (100 PV) and have an active (100 PV) personally sponsored Associate on your left and right binary legs. Team Commissions are paid by calculating and paying out 10% of the volume in the lesser volume leg. For example, if you had 5,000 GV on your lesser leg and 7,000 GV on your greater leg, you would receive a commission of $500 (10% of the 5,000 GV lesser leg). Then 5,000 would be subtracted from both legs, leaving 0 on your lesser leg and 2,000 on the greater leg for the next week. Any leftover volume on your greater leg will carry over to the next week, provided you remain active with at least 100 PV.

    If you do not remain active during a qualification period with at least 100 PV, the volume on both the left and right legs will be reset to zero. You may earn up to $10,000 per week in Team Commissions.


    If you are qualified with 100 PV, you will receive a $50 bonus each time one of your personally sponsored Associates achieves the rank of Director for the first time (please see ASEA Ranks section). This means that every time you help your personally sponsored Associates sponsor someone on their left and right legs and they each generate 100 PV, your personally sponsored Associates then become qualified to receive team commissions and you will receive the Director’s Bonus of $50.


    We also track those Associates who you have personally sponsored and the Associates that they have personally sponsored, and so on. This is your personal sponsorship tree (Figure 3).


    You can earn a Check Match (CM) on the Team Commissions paid to Associates in your personal sponsorship tree, up to seven generations depending on the rank you achieve. In each personal sponsorship tree leg (each personally sponsored Associate begins a new leg), a generation ends with a qualified ranked Associate of Bronze Executive or higher.

    There are no limits to the width of your personal sponsorship tree, so you can continue to add more legs in order to add Associates to your generations.

    The example in Figure 3 will help you understand how the Check Match works within the sponsorship tree. In this example let’s consider that you (top of your sponsorship tree) are active with a minimum of 200 PV and are qualified as a Silver Executive. This means that you will earn the Check Match through two generations on each of your four personal sponsorship legs. Once a qualified Bronze Executive or above is found on any leg, it completes the first generation for that particular leg.

    As you can see, 1, 2, 3, and 4 are your personally sponsored Associates and are blue (first generation). In these legs there are additional Associates underneath them that are blue, since they also count as your first generation. In this example, A, B, C, and D (which are blue or first generation, are qualified as Bronze Executives or above and therefore they complete the first generation), for each sponsorship leg. In this example, you will earn a Check Match on 13 Associates (blue) for your first generation match.

    As a Silver Executive you can earn two generations of Check Match, so you would also earn the match on the seven Associates who are represented by the color green (your second generation). However, you will not earn a match on the Associate represented by the color orange, since E qualified as a Bronze Executive or higher and completes the second generation. In order to earn a match on your third generation you would need to qualify as a Gold Executive.

    As you increase in rank, additional generations will be considered in your Check Match commission. The breakdown of generations included in your Check Match is as follows: Bronze (1 generation), Silver (2 generations), Gold (3 generations), Platinum (4 generations), Diamond (5 generations), Double Diamond (6 generations), and Triple Diamond (7 generations).

    ASEA will calculate the Check Match as a floating percentage of company-wide commission-able volume. ASEA will guarantee a payout of up to 50% of commission-able volume every commission period, once the Team Commissions and Leadership Pool Commissions are taken into account. The remaining percentage is applied to the Check Match. Check Match is then paid weekly, along with the other commissions. Bronze Executives and above must be active with at least 200 PV to earn Check Match, and weekly commissions from Check Match cannot exceed the volume from your lesser volume leg.


    ASEA reserves 2% of the total company GV for our elite group of Associates at the top ranks in the company. As one of these elite Associates, you may earn shares in the Leadership Pool based on your “paid as” rank as well as the volume generated through your personal sponsorship tree legs. As you advance in rank you will receive additional shares that qualify you for a larger part of the pool. This bonus is paid weekly.



    ACTIVE You remain an active Associate by generating a minimum of 100 PV in each monthly period.

    AUTOSHIP An automated program that ships products to an Associate or preferred customer on their chosen date each month. This program is recommended so that no Associate will miss a qualification period by missing an order.

    BUSINESS CENTER Your position in the Team Commission pay structure.

    COMMISSION PERIOD The period in which the volume is calculated from product sales to produce commissions and bonuses. The weekly commission period runs from Sunday at 12:00:00 a.m. EST (Eastern Standard Time) to Saturday at 11:59:59 p.m. EST.

    GV Group Volume, is the sum total of the PV of all Associates in all or a portion of Team Commission organization.

    PGV Personal Group Volume, is the sum total of the PV of all the Associates in your personal sponsorship tree.

    LIFETIME RANK The highest rank achieved by an Associate, used for recognition purposes.

    PAID AS RANK The rank which an Associate qualifies for and is paid at for a given commission period.

    PV Personal Volume is the volume from product purchases attributed to your business center which qualify an Associate to receive commissions.

    LESSER VOLUME LEG The leg in the binary structure with the lesser amount of volume.

    QUALIFIED You become qualified to earn Team Commissions by personally sponsoring an Associate who is active on your left leg and your right leg.

    SPONSORSHIP TREE The sponsorship tree is the Associate structure that determines Check Match bonuses. All personally enrolled Associates are at the ¨first level in an Associate’s sponsorship tree, no matter in which binary leg they are placed. Their personally-enrolled Associates are the second level in the sponsorship tree, and so on.
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    Ignore deleted conspiracy

    There are FOUR ways to reach an associate home page: OR OR

    When you don't know a downline web page, you can use their member number to find out.
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