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Thread: How to take ASEA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ginger View Post
    I would like to give Asea to my dog. I have tried to squirt it in her mouth with a syringe but she is resisting. Has anyone had success with another method. I have a resistant patient! She may not like the taste... Thanks!
    Well, I know that I wouldn't like it if I were someone's pet and suddenly one day they wanted to squirt some strange liquid in my mouth using a syringe. Animals know what's good for them (more than we know what's good for us), but are also easily frightened by things that are forced upon them (just like I would be if I didn't know what was going on and had no way of finding out). So I recommend allowing her to run out of water for just a little longer than she's used to. Then clean out her dish with soap and very hot water to make sure the soap is rinsed out perfectly. Then pour a couple of ounces in her dish and see what she does with it. If she laps it up and seems to want more, then you succeeded!

    If this works, then do it about once or twice a day. You can also spray it on her soft, fleshy parts (like the pads on her paws) while you're cuddling and petting her. Of course, be gentle because the sudden spraying might startle her just as it would a human being. You know, like "Hey! What was that?! I'm outta here!" So, make sure she sees it and gets used to the idea that you're going to give her something good. Maybe spray your hands first as a demonstration.
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