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Thread: Welcome to the Redox Forum!

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    Welcome to the Redox Forum!

    Welcome to the Redox Forum - that premier Redox Signaling Molecules forum, blog and article portal.
    We will be adding a LOT of information to this site. Have a look around and enjoy!

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    hi jeff & aaron,

    thank you for this great opportunity to be with your group. i'll be working with you from the philippines.

    best regards to all,


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    A new face aboard

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    Hello Gracei and welcome!!

    Tell us a little about yourself. Are you using Asea yet?
    Pamela Vicik-Smith

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    New to the Group


    Gosh I think it was about a year ago that you (Aaron) sent me some info about a product.
    I set it aside. Just wasn't ready. Lot of stuff going on etc.
    Well I finally took the time to look and here I am.
    I do regreat the lost time but no time like the present. RIGHT?
    I'm trying to learn and get to going.
    I'm a longshoreman (39yrs) I and the people I work with do allot of
    physical labor. I'm 59.
    Man my feet and legs heart after a day running around on
    con-chreat docks and steal ships.
    I am weighting for my first case with great anticipation.
    I've sent out about 20 e-mails already and will be reconnecting
    after I get a chance to experience the ASEA.
    By for now.

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    Hi Skip - welcome! I gave you access to the team forum here so you can see what is in there.
    Aaron Murakami
    ASEA Advancing Life

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron Murakami View Post
    Hi Skip - welcome! I gave you access to the team forum here so you can see what is in there.
    Tnks - I'm up and have sent some E-m's already using the links from Red Ox (Wish us luck haha)

    Ok got my case last night. My adult son (who is visiting at this time) and I tried 2oz. ea. and waited watching TV.
    At 45min. I said I think I feel something like an slight energy increases.
    A short time later he said he felt like a slight anxiety kinda feeling but not unpleasant.
    I think I read somewhere about less then 2 oz. not being very beneficial and up to 15 oz. a day.
    Beyond that probably is not usable by the body. Anyone know if this is correct?
    How long should one wait after taking a dose before eating?
    I assume it would be counterproductive to take while eating, or is this not so?
    I'm assuming 2 in the morning and at night OR would 1 oz. every 2-3 hrs. be best.
    Perhaps 4 oz. all at once would serf-ice.
    I think I saw somewhere, Before and after exercise is good.
    Other than that I have been unable to lock down the best method for usage.
    Well I took it twice today, before and after church (No findings)
    Tomorrow I go to work at 4am and will take a btl with me for my 12 to 14 hr. day.
    I'll let you know how it goes. Perhaps I should start a new thread?? WadaUtnk
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